A few tips…

Although I have many dates to go over I thought I would give a glimpse into the future.  I gave up. And here is why.  I ran into some people that made the red flags go up before even meeting and I realized that this was, as I already knew, not my cup of tea.

Here are a few tips I learned along the way –

  1. Always meet in a public space
  2. Beware of your surroundings, you may come across as shifty eyes but until you know this person more you need to think of your safety first.
  3. Never divulge information that can be used to track you such as detailed information about your home address.

One particular person kept wanting to meet at a certain bar. I forget the name but I looked it up on Google Earth and it was a shack of a bar. Hole in the walls are great but only when they are your local watering hole. I tried to steer the date away from this bar by giving an excuse that it needed to be a different day and time such as afternoon and suggested coffee.  This person still tried for this bar and even flipped the conversation to make me feel like I was being unreasonable. If something seems fishy it is.

So, after taking many months off of a dating site I decided to download it again and see if anything was new.  I matched with a guy that seemed almost too normal for a dating site. After the previous experience that was a few bad apples in a row this normalcy was now becoming skeptical. I decided to go for it.

Then the news had this headline, “Tinder Killer caught”. And there come the red flags in full force.

With hesitation I went on the date, I made sure my phone location was connected to a friends phone and that they checked on me within a hour of the date.

Sorry to report that the guy was pretty normal. Weird. Right?


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