Where else do you turn to get to 50 dates than a dating app these days? No, really, a serious question. Where?

The whole idea of dating online has always been a turn off. It must subconsciously go back to the “don’t talk¬† to strangers” line that most of us were taught as kids. Or that before there was social media and the internet was new (yes, there was a time before the internet) we were taught to be cautious of giving out too much personal information on the internet. The problem could also stem to my years of “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” and “Criminal Minds” binges.

After years of avoiding the match.com’s and eharms, even the tinders…I dove into two dating apps. But, made a promise to myself that I would never spend money on these apps, that is just going too far.

Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed for the most part, there was nothing that was appealing. I even tried not to be very superficial, I read the bio’s and tried to make educated swipes and likes. Sometimes I got bored but felt the rush to get this challenge going so friends and family took over the swiping.¬† Matches I didn’t know about were occasionally a fun surprise!

After days of swiping and matching and occasional talking one finally stuck, the first date…and my batman shirt was ready to go…



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