Why was I challenged? Why does anyone one challenge a friend? Well, if it is something like the “Tide pod challenge”, it’s boredom and the obsessive need to be trendy. But, in this case it was a distraction. A distraction from the guys of the past that circle my mental state like crows waiting to peck at whichever worm pokes its head out. The concept of wack-a-mole had stopped working, so the challenge was a new tactic. And, as most challenges go…I was bored.

At first the idea was terrifying and overwhelming. Simply, because I do not like dating. As I thought more about that statement I was missing key pieces of information, why and when.  Why don’t I like dating? And when did I stop liking dating? As I continued to marinate this challenge, the concept became more enticing. Besides finding a romantic interest I thought it would be a good way to start writing, networking, discovering new places, and improving my elevator interview.

I could have been self-sabatoging or justifying, but no matter which reason it was…the journey began.


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